SMM Outsourcing Model

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  • Physicians / Providers get more time and freedom to practise medicine and to focus on patient care.
  • Cost savings of at least 30%, as against doing non-business-core activities like claims processing and collection follow-ups in-house.
  • Improved employee performance and focus on patient-care instead of billing and collections.
  • Mitigates risk by reducing employer liability under HIPAA, as sensitive health benefits issues are handled proactively and confidentially without HR involvement and under Labor compliance laws that most employers are aware of.
  • Less Paper Cluttering the Office.
  • Increased speed of filing the claims leading to improved cash flow. SMM files clams within 24 hours of receipt of information from the client.
  • SMM provides immediate, re-appeal and follow-up on every outstanding unpaid receivable or denial. SMM Collects Past & Current Receivables.
  • Receive your insurance payments in 7 to 21 days, not months.
  • Automated Patient Statements and collection letters.
  • No more learning headaches and costs associated with complicated practice management software and computers.
  • Expert assistance making your practice run smoothly and efficiently.
  • Expert assistance with internal HIPAA regulations, documentation, processes, etc.